Sunday, 18 May 2008


Hello folks, as I promised I have been getting stuff done, just slowly and in bits and bobs. I managed to paint up 4 batteries of french foot artillery today. These went from undercoat to finished and based with just a couple of hours work. Nice.Below are some shots of my terrain (work in progress). The rivers still need a lot more varnish and will have their banks modelled with long grass, flock, trees etc, but they are coming on nicely.

The board below is half of the Wagram hill. The other half is stacked behind it.

Here is a photo of the newly finished Hesse-Darmstadt troops. One base is the lieb-garde and the other is the lieb regiment. Each has 2 battalions of musketeers and one battalion of fusiliers (light infantry, green uniforms). Sorry this isn't the most clear photo. The figures used are French in bicornes for the musketers anf 1806 Prussian skirmishers for the fusiliers.

..and here are the Hessians in the battle line alongside some freshly painted and based French infantry and some (finally) based trees. The latter are on GW titan bases (60mm round).

...and is the Amazon order that arrived on Saturday morning. I've not had time for an in-depth read, but the colour plates and pictures in these two books are worth the cover price. The Wagram book has legendary poor translation, the Essling book is much better (a bit like an Osprey campaign book but woth more emphasis on the troops). Between these and Gill's new stuff, the 1809 campaign is getting to be very well covered for the wargamer.
As Dave W says, pip pip.

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