Thursday, 3 April 2008

So near...

We refought last week's scenario at the club yesterday. Lau again took the Austrians to try and improve on his previous outing, so I took the French.

Thanks to a better deployment and better than awful dice rolls we fought to a very close conclusion. I pushed Lau past his breakpoint, but he resolutely held the army together with rolls of 6 on three successive turns. As I was unable to break his army and failed to capture the ridge-line, a narrow win was the reward for Austrain tenacity.

The battle was a good one though and seemd poised to go either way throughout. The rules still held up well and we were all finished inside 2 hrs (12 hrs game time).

No game next week, due to rabbits (don't ask, all I can say is that Newark is a funny old place) so hopefully I can get extra painting done instead.

Good news yesterday. My copy of Napoleonic Wargaming for Fun arrived courtesy of ebay, so I can now relive my youthful days in the school library.

I also got John Gill's first 1809 volume for my birthday the other week. In a word, fantastic. In more words, highly recommended!

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