Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Veteran French firing line

As I mentioned in the last post, I wanted to try and get a "firing line" effect with my latest unit. Here it is.

Actually, without looking very closely there isn't too much to see, but the effect is rather nice. I don't think I'll be doing all of the bases this way, but one or two will help to identify the more veteran or elite units amongst the line infantry.

The French really do take longer than the Austrians though!

On the table next are nore fronch infantry including some in bicornes.



Braxen said...


I have started with the French, why do you say they take longer than the Austrians? Do they really?

Steve said...

Yes, I find that the French infantry take longer than the Austrians. This is simply because they have a combined blue & while uniform whereas the Austrians are all white (hungarian blue trousers notwithstanding)

The French also have different coloured shako pompoms within a unit, although this shouldn't be significant.

I think though, it is more that the Austrians are quick to paint compared to other nationalities. The French and Bavarians are similar and I expect that the Russians and British would be about the same. Austrians just seem...easier and quicker to finish.


gilles said...

Hello Steve,

Nice progress, shall we get close-ups of artillery and cavalry as well?

I was wondering whether you would share a link to the yellow tall grass/"hay" you are using, it stands very nicely one the base.

Steve said...

The log grass is made by Noch in the Gaugemaster range. It comes in rectangles of about 7 x 4 inches that can be cut or torn.


Shantell said...

Good words.