Thursday, 13 March 2008

Return to Sacile

Last night we refought the same scenario as the other week, based on Sacile in 1809. The firts picture shows the early stages of the battle. You can see the crescent of five villages (just brown squares with buildings on at the moment. In the bottom left corner a French division has been counterattacked by Austrian light cavalry, preventing it from assaulting the first village. In the distance a second French division has captured the furthest village and is assaulting another while in the centre the French cavalry reserve is advancing against its opposite number.Below is a later shot. The farthest two villages have now fallen to the French and they are beginning to turn towards us. The cavalry reserve has pushed the Austrians back in disarray and closest to us the French infantry have fought off the light cavalry, reformed and are preparing to storm the village to their front.
Overall, the French had a shaky start with subordinates not quite acting as expected. Once thay got into gear however it proved hard for the Austrians to stop them as they had to wrestle with command and control difficulties, allowing the French to concentrate force where it was needed. Eventually Archduke Laurence conceded defeat and withdrew his remaining forces.
The battle kicked off (game time) at 8am and was wrapped up by around 5pm. In reality it took a little over two hours to play through. Good fun all round

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