Monday, 10 March 2008

Reinforcements have arrived

Huzzah! French infantry reinforcements arrived today. I have diligently organised them into separate batches, each batch having all the figures to complete 2 bases. When added to the stuff in the bits box I have enough figures for 8 more french infantry bases, and if I get a few more command and skirmish figures I can churn out another three or four.

I'm just off to undercoat the figures for the next two bases.

Exam tomorrow, I have to go all the way to Aston Uni for this, so I'll probably be back too late to start painting tomorrow and I'm hopig to actually get a game in on Wednesday. Painting should therefore start on Thursday. If I stick to it I think I can get 4 bases finished by Sunday week, and maybe start to make inroads into two more.

I've more-or-less settled on concentrating on Aspern Essling for now and have the OOB pretty well worked out. Infantry bases represent anout 2400-3000 men and cavalry around 1200-1500 troopers.

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Frank said...

Hi Steve,

Lovely work but waaaaaaay too small for my old eyes nowadays :-)

Can you drop me an e-mail at please mate,because I want to discuss a rules issue with you, but seem to have mislaid your e-mail addy.