Wednesday, 19 March 2008

In-game shots

Just some shots of tonight's game. This was not a specific scenario, just two Austrian Korps plus a reserve launching an attack on an isolated French Corps, supported by the Young Guard.

The French attempted to defy the 2:1 odds by counterattacking. This met with some success, but was undone by the failure of the Young Guard to stand up to the Austrian Grenadier reserve and a strong right hook by the Austrian Avant Garde that the Bavarian division held up manfully but this was a tide that they could not keep back forever. The French opted to withdraw after battleing away for 3-4 hours (game time, about 90 minutes real time).
A fun game, but the scenario did not hamper the Austrian command structure enough.


Gilles said...

Hello Steve,
Very inspiring as usual. I haven't based my figures yet and hesitate between your number or half of it on my own bases...

I have a few questions:
-is it a commercial gaming matt you are playing on?
-How many GDA bases are you planning as a first stage per side?

thanks for this great blog!

Steve said...

The terrain is just a board covered with grass matting that has been re-flocked in patches over the last 15 years or so

Steve said...

We are playing gmaes now with around 30 bases a side, but 50-60 is the target for now, maybe more later.

Anonymous said...

Hello Steve,

This is really inspiring stuff. I have discovered 6mm and am finally building Napoleonic armies for 1809 .
I really like you basing for 6mm and will be using your basing guide.

I was experimenting with grande armee and recently oredered Polemos. Your adapted rules look very interesting.

Great blog. Keep up the wonderful work.

Jeroen from Holland