Sunday, 9 March 2008

French Young Guard

Bit of a slog this week, what with one thing and another. Switching back from Austrians to French meant that the first unit was a bit slow to do as I got used to the different castings. Nevertheless it all came good in the end.

Here we have a base of Fuslilers-grenadiers skirmishing and in front, backed up by Fusiliers-chasseurs. These regiments of the Young Guard would later become the Middle Guard. The Baccus figures do not have plumes, so I hve painted the pom-poms in appropriate colours.

The grenadiers have red pom poms and white epaulettes, the chasseurs have red over green pom poms and green over red epaulettes. Their lapels are white.
Next are the Tirailleurs-chassuers (front) and Tirailleurs-grenadiers (back). These have no epaulettes and blue lapels. The shakos provide the distinction, with the chassers having green pom poms and white cords while the grenadiers have red over white pom poms and red cords.

These two bases provide the remainder of the Imperial Guard for the 1809 campaign, so that formation is now finished!
The third base fnished this week is a combined formation of the Tirailleurs Corses and some legere. These are below. The corsicans are in a brown uniform that they MAY have worn at this time. Whatever the truth, this provides a little variety amongst all of the french blue!

I have an exam next week so will have a couple of days off painting before getting on with more french infantry. I'm just waiting for a reinforcement pack from Baccus to drop through the letterbox.


Braxen said...

Very nice as usual. What paint are you using for you white? It looks like you are getting excellent coverage with the one you are using.

Steve said...

I'm using Vallejo white at the moment and it is very impressive.