Sunday, 16 March 2008

Campaign dress

More French Infantry finished today!

These are my first effort to produce a more "campaingn look" for some of the French. This is to enable me to more easily field "veteran" other than legere bases, such as for St Hilaire's division at Aspern-Essling.

To achieve the look I have painted some of the shakos brown to represent shako covers, I have mixed up the colours of the trousers and painted some flesh on some knees to represent worn clothes. I'm pleased with the look overall and have undercoated enough figures for another 3 bases to get stuck into next week.

I would like to experiment next with more of a "firing line" look to the front rank of troops, so it looks like I'll have to order some extra voltigeur figures!

cheers all.

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Michael said...


Very impressive.