Austrian summary so far

Hi all. I thought I'd take stock of the Austrians I have completed so far. The full force is shown below. You can see two line Korps at the front and a small reserve Korps at the back (grenadiers and cuirassiers). The total force currently consistsof the following bases:

13 line infantry
3 grenadiers
2 grenzers
1 jagers
2 hussars
1 chevauxlegers
1 uhlans
2 cuirassiers
2 cavalry artillery
4 foot artillery
1 CinC
4 subordinate commanders

This adds up to a force of around 50,ooo men!

In the second picture you can see the output from the last week or so, 4 bases of hungarian infanty
and for a bit of fun, the last picture shows a base of jagers I completed the other week, steadfastly defending a hedge and field

I have completed the Tirailleurs Corses today and will crack on with more stuff next week. The Young Guard are currently standing in some damp PVA glue awaiting undercoating in the garage tomorrow. The really good thing is that I am still enjoying painting these figures rather than it feeling like a grind. I think this is because I am seeing finished units emerge on a weekly basis. In 15mm or 28mm this would be more like a monthly basis at best. The "quick hit" really helps with maintaining enthusiasm.
En avant!


The Leveller said…
Enough now.....desist

I know what you mean about the "instant hit" . I try & get a 28mm unit done a week as that's about the time the focus lasts.

Good when you manage it, rubbish when you don't.

That of course only works for the dark age era gear with lots of lovely chainmail.

The 28mm Nappies were done over many months!

Looking very nice old chap!

Steve said…
Thanks Dave,

Come over to the dark side, you know you want to.....

The Leveller said…
evil, evil man

Or is this just Pete B in disguise?

I'd paint a base up just to see, but not for the foreseeable.

I like Nassau or Brunswickers.... or Bavarians....all the elite chaps as you can see....
Steve said…
The Bavarian Baccus figures are great.

I'm just painting some French Young Guard - they don't come much more elite than that

(except old guard, obviously)

and in 6mm I don't need to give two hoots about the colour of the shako plate, or buttons or most of the stuff that would take hours in 28mm!


Braxen said…
Still struggling with the basing... I think I will go with 5cm/32 infantry bases.

I have a quick question:
I am concerned that if I glue first the figures, I will have difficulty to flock between the ranks. How do you proceed with this?
Steve said…
Hi Brax

I paint the MDF base and the figure bases in a chocolate brown colour before basing.

When dry I spread PVA over the whole base and then place the figures where I want them. The PVA is pushed up between the figure bases.

With the PVA still wet I drizzle chichilla sand over the base. This ensures a thin bead of sand between figure bases.

When the PVA is dry I add extra patched of PVA & sand if needed.

Once I am happy with this and it is dry, I flood the base with brown ink followed up by a 3-stage drybrush. None of this gets to the littel bit of sand between adjacent figures, but the overall effect blends in pretty well. See the earlier blog post on painting and basing Austrians.

Braxen said…
Hi Steve,

thanks for the tips, it solves a problem beforehand.

One last confirmation: PVA glue is what you use to stick the figures to the base, not super glue, correct?
Braxen said…
Hi Steve,

Following your blog, it really helped to boost my motivation and morale into painting at a good pace. I'm 2/3 through Waterloo's OOB for French at 36 figs a brigade. Thanks!

I have now to base my command stands. Do you have a suggestion to represent (figures number, type):
-Army Commander
-Wing Commander
thanks a lot