Monday, 25 February 2008

Painting, painting, painting

Well actually, not so much this weekend. It was my youngest's 4th birthday so the time sort of got diverted.

I did manage to get the figures for the next 3 hungarian infantry bases primed and grey base-coated, painted the musket stocks and backpacks and blackwashed the whole caboodle (144 figures). I think tonight I'll try to get all of the blue trousers painted (basecoat and highlight) and maybe the blanket rolls and shako details. After that I'll split them back into the three batches (1 per base) for finishing off. This should fill up the rest of the week.

Next after that will be two more bases of hungarians and maybe some extra austrian dragoons or cuirassiers.

I think then I'll try to get some French done.

I've looked at the OOB for Aspern-Essling and it presnets no scares time-wise even if I include Davout's corps as a "what if". Wagram still looks fine for troops but I think the terrain board needed would be too large to be practical - still got my thinking cap on though!


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