Sunday, 17 February 2008

Half-term output

Just a quick shot of what I have got done in the last 10 days or so. I managed to get a total of 57 trees finished (including the 9 already based up that I posted last Tuesday). Finished figures are also shown. From L to R are Chevaulegers, Jagers, (back row) German, Hungarina and German infantry (front row) Korps commander, foot, cavalry and foot batteries.
I am in the process of priming more hungarian infantry to finish off my second full Austrian Korps.


gilles said...

Hello Steve,

I am following with great interest your project for several weeks already, and it actually inspired me to start my own...

You may have written it somewhere, but how long does it take you to paint a figure if you do them by series of -say- 50?

Steve said...

figures for 1 base (about 50 inf or 20 cav) take two sessions of around 1hr each.

Basing is an extra 10 mins or so as is filing + undercoating, but these are done separately as a "production line"

I try to only have figures for one base on the desk at any one time. I have tried to paint 100 inf ant a time, but it is far too depressing :-)