Thursday, 31 January 2008

Wednesday night is game night

Another playtest of the polemos/grande-armee hybrid last night.

The small French corps from last week was reinforced by Deroi's Bavarians, but the imperial guard stayed in camp. The french had to attack a smaller Austrian korps supported by the grenadier division of II Reserve Korps.

Although the sides were close to parity on numbers, the french had an edge in unit quality and in command & control. This made things hard for the austrians, and although they had some local successes, theur right wing eventually collapsed as one of the two line divisions took heavy casualties and withdrew. At this point (5 turns) Archduke Louis decided to preserve his remaining forces and pulled-back.

Thanks to Martin for commanding the French.

After some of the very poor luck experienced by the austrians I am coming round to the idea of using average dice for the combat phase rather than d6s. This will boost the role of tactical factors such as supports, using the initiative to attack etc and generally reward good generalship slightly more and blind luck slightly less, but still leave room for the unexpected and the dice will still determine the margin of any defeat/victory.

Corps v Korps + divisional supprt, fought to conclusion in around an hour of real time and 5 game turns = not bad.

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