Saturday, 26 January 2008


Surprisingly I managed to finish enough figures for an entire base of Austrian infantry today. These will be of the Infantry Regt #4 (Deutschmeister), the regiment owned by the leader of the teutonic order. I have given these chaps a mounted officer and a few skirmisher figures to mark them as being a bit special among the rest of the Austrian infantry.

The bonus in finishing a unit in a day is that I can better estimate the time it takes to finish a base from scratch. These figures had previouslt been sprayed black, quickly drybrushed with dove grey, then blackwashed. Ignoring drying time this was the work of no more than 10 minutes. Adding this to today's painting time and the 10 mons or so left to finish the base drybrushing tomorrow the total will be around 3 hours for around 60 figures, or about 3 monutes per figure. This is really useful as it means that by painting an hour each night, for 6 nights of the week, which on average should be possible - with some catch up time on the occasional weekend - I can turn out 2 bases a week. This compares well to my 25/28mm painting which is around an hour per figure, making a large napoleonic battle a little impractical :-)

6mm Cavalry will take more like 5 mins per figure, but as I only put about 24 figures on a base, I can still turn out a base in 2-3 hours. Cavalry take a little longer because of the horses and the painting of the cast-on flags.

After painting the Bavarians this week I have also decided to only prime enough figures for 1 or 2 bases at a time as it is quite offputting having too much undercoated stuff hanging around on lolly sticks. This also lets me switch between different nationalities when I start to get bored..

Tomorrow I hope to base up some older figures that are currently stuck to the "wrong" bases. I should have enough for a base of Austrian infantry and a base of Austrian advance guard (regualr infantry + Grenzers + skirmishers). It is a good way to use up some stuff in the "bits box". I have also got some infantry ready to prime for the next "new" base of Austrian infantry.


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