Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Rules test

I managed to get the troops on the table at the club tonight to try out the hybrid napoleonic rules.

The Austrians were in a defensive position on a low ridge. Theyconsisted of three forces: Force 1 had three bases of infantry, a reserve battery of artillery, a base of Uhlans and a base of Hussars. Force 2 had three bases of grenadiers, an advance guard base, a base of artillery and a base of hussars. Force 3 contained two regiments of cuirassiers and a base of cavalry artillery

The French, on the offensive had a larger army, again divided into three forces. Force A was a small corps containing a division of 4 infantry bases, a division of 5 infantry bases, an artillery battery and two bases of light cavalry (chasseurs and hussars). Force 2 was a division of heavy cavalry; two bases of cuirassiers and one of carabiniers. Force three was a bit special, a base of old guard infantry, a base of guard light cavalry and a base of guard heavy cavalry.

Not entirely representative forces, but good to test out the mechanisms of the rules and ensure that everything held together - even if it didn't look too competetive.

The game went well and was fast-paced enough to keep the interest alive, while still presenting the problems of manoevering troops that characterise the napoleonic period. The french CinC lost control of his corps commander on the second turn and this caused the reckless subordinate to launch an impetuous attack before his infantry had shaken out into a fighting formation. The columns ploughed into the Austrians causing the rout of both legere regiments (bases). Chastened, the french pulled it together on turn 3 and the two infantry divisions refomed ready to launch an attack. During this time, the french light cavalry on the right had defeated their austrian opposite numbers and the guard had seen off the austrian advance guard and hussars on the left. Falling between a pincer movement, with the french infatry grinding closer, the Austrian CinC opted to vacate the battlefield and live to fight another day.

I was pleased with the rules and they kept things simple but seemed to work nicely.

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