Sunday, 6 January 2008

Painting 6mm naps

OK, here is the first part of a step-by-step guide to painting 6mm napoleonic figures

The examples here are a command strip of Austrian infantry in shakos and a mounted officer (actually a French marshal figure, but we'll paint him in Austrian colours for variety). Figures are by Baccus
For this guide, AA refers to Anita's Acrylics paint, GW to Games Workshop and VMC to Vallejo Model Color.

The first photo shows the figures glued to a lolly stick, undercoated black, the bases have been painted with AA burnt umber and the bulk of the uniform painted with AA dove grey. Finally the figures were given a thin blackwash once all of the paint was thoroughly dry

In photo two, the flesh areas have been picked out with GW tanned flesh

The facings are then painted in a base colour, in this case GW dark angels green. For the Austrians I just paint the cuffs and the bottom of the tunic, I don't bother with the collars in most cases

The brass is then picked out on the shako fronts and used as a border to the shabraque on the officer's horse and the edging on his hat using AA Bronze. The drums are also painted in this colour. The red basecoat on the shabraque is AA wine.

Wooden/leather areas are then picked out in AA coffee. The following two photos show back and front views. For these figures the bulk of this painting in actually on the muskets, canteens and backpacks of the rank & file infantry

The general's horse is then highlighted in the same colour, and the shabraque highlighted with GW blood red. The reins are highlighted with AA charcoal as are the shako tops, backs and peaks, and the general's hat and boots (see next 2 photos). The white areas on the horse are given a base coat of AA sand

Lastly for today, a brown ink wash is applied to the wood and leather areas, the general's horse and brass bodies of the drums. At some point the general's plume has been painted with a base coat of GW dark angels green.

..more soon

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