Monday, 7 January 2008

Painting 6mm naps (2)

...and on with part 2

Picking up from where I finished yesterday the next photo shows the addition of a base coat to the yellow areas - drum rims, shako pom poms and officers' sashes. For this I used GW snakebite leather. Some AA dove grey was used to basecoat the flagpole and start highlighting the general's coat.
The yellow areas were then highlighted with GW bad moon yellow. On the drum rims this was dotted on to give the impression of the yellow & black stripes that Austrian drums actually had. The green areas on the facings an cuffs were highlighted using VMC USA Uniform. It pays to have a variety of greens (and browns) available. For 6mm figures it is best to use fairly bright colours if you want them to show up. The general's plume was also highlighted

The pom-poms then each got a small dot of black paint to finish them off. This is fiddly, but worth doing to get the right end result. AA White was then used to paint in the crossbelts, uniforms and flagpoles. At this stage it is important not to get to concerned about getting paint everywhere. I start on the front of the figure with the front leg, the arms and the cross belts. I then dot in bits of white over the remaining grey to give the impression of the uniform. Austrian flag poles were actual painted in spirals of white, yellow, red and black - but life really is too short to do this in 6mm!

...the same goes for the back

For the final bits of finishing off, the flesh was highlighted with AA dusty peach, and the flag finials and officers shako band got a coat of AA bronze

The figures were then popped off the lolly stick to let me glue the flags on

and the two units were assembled on a pre-painted 60mm square of MDF. The glue is PVA (white glue). At the same time, patches of grass matting from the Gaugemaster range (made by Noch) were glued on, along with some small bits of gravel

While the glue is still wet, the whole base is then sprinkled with chinchilla sand from the petshop and set aside to dry before final painting time, finishing the base

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