Friday, 25 January 2008

Bavarian Division Deroi

I'm stuck at home today with the lurgy so have managed to get on with finishing the first division of bavarians in between coughing fits.

The division consists of two infantry brigades each of 2 regiments of line infantry and 1 battalion of light infantry:

They have a brigade of light cavalry in support (1 unit of dragoons in white coats and a unit of chevauxleger in green). Back and front shots are shown:

and a unit of artillery round out the troops:

Finally there is a commander to take control of the division if acting independently, or to act as corps commander when the rest of the Bavarians make it to the battlefield.

As well as troops, I have made a start on some buildings. First up is a small farm (model from Timecast: on a 60mm square base. I'm normally rubbish at buildings, but this came out nicely and I put the photo through photoshop to produce a "painting" version too:

All in all, not a bad output. Next on the schedule are some more Austrian infantry.



Dave said...

What ho!

Just looking at the foot bases. top work old bean.

I was thinking of doing a division or two myself. So inspired by your work I am 8-)

Madness I know.

What I may do, is just use taller grasses so there is no need for any lead at all! Thus saving money on lead & leaving myself lots more time to paint 28mms. Wizard idea, what?

Put me down for doing two bases of Frenchies hiding in a corn field.

Pips & that
Ps actually they do look rather good, keep up the fine work.

Steve said...

Hmm, longer grass, maybe with a couple of flags sticking out.

It has to be the way forward :-)

Give 'em a go, they are quick to paint and no more fiddly than the detailed bits on a 28mm mini