Monday, 17 December 2007


No photos today, just some musing.

As I would really like to get some demo games done in 2009 to commemorate the bicentennial of the 1809 Danube campaign I will really have to crack on with the 6mm napoleonics during the next year. At a pottering rate I can turn out roughly 1 base per week for Polemos, so that is a fairly easy 50 bases in the year and probably a few more as there will be the occasional weeks with extra enthusiasm.

This means that if I don't get too side-tracked I should be able to produce 3 small or 2 large corps per side, enough for the smaller battles from the beginning of the campaign. Aspern-Essling might be possible at a stretch, but as I really want to feature Bavarians, then this isn't ideal as they didn't take part in the battle. Wagram is just too big to be a realistic proposition unless I really go overboard on the painting, and I haven't found any figures suitable for Austrian landwehr that are compatible with Baccus.

Anyway, the real interest for me is the first week of the campaign, with the French units scattered all over Bavaria with the Austrians rapidly approaching. In reality Napoleon pulled everything together with hours to spare, but the "what ifs" present lots of interesting scenario ideas.

So bck to the plan. The immidiate aim is to finish off the French corps that I nearly have completed, add a Bavarian Corps and another division of cuirassiers. On the Austrian side I'll finish off the division of grenadiers and possibly add a second, expand the heavy cavalry that I have so far (giving a reserve corps) and then produce two small corps of infantry. I was getting a bit hung up on how to represent Austrian avant-garde (advance guard) units but have decided that I was overthinking things and will just field them as a unit of infantry with plenty of skirmishers backed up by a unit of light cavalry. Both armies changed organisation through the campaign so there seems no point in getting too worried about the finer points!

I'm really looking forward to having enough stuff finished to try out a small Polemos game, this should be possible by February and this will hopefully keep the enthusiasm going.


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