Monday, 10 December 2007

Le Garde

Some bits and bobs of French Imperial Guard here. I actually finished these while the blog was "off air" and they have sat in a box for a few months. In order, the pictures show bases of guard heavy cavalry (gendarmes and empress dragoons), guard light cavalry (chasseurs a cheval and polish lancers) and Old Guard infantry (grenadiers in front, chasseurs behind).

Before anyone comments, I know that the poes didn't use lances until after 1809, but as with the carabiniers posted in the summer I am more interested in the look of the thing and my poles are going to be lancers come what may :-)

Happy painting!


corvettek225 said...

Vey nice. The painting, the basing...all outstanding!

yorkie said...

very nice painting on those napoleonics, im doing something similar myself, also using polemos and or Grandarmee(im keeping the base sises 60mm-60mm for both).

some nice figs on here, cheers for sharing.