Tuesday, 4 December 2007

I'm back!

After a long hiatus filledwith studying and general life stuff, here are the latest efforts to emerge from the painting table. This time it is 15mm WW2 Poles, based for Blitzkrieg Commander. Here is a shot of the currently completed stuff to which I will add bits and pieces as I feel the need:

And here are some close ups of specific bits:

The troops and most of the vehicles are from True North in the US and they are very nice, although the model AT guns and vehicles I found unecesarily fiddly to assemble. The TP7 tanks are from LKM direct in the UK and were much easier to put together but I'm not totally satisfied with them as they look a little "squashed flat" when compared with photos of the real thing.
I have a few infantry left to finish and these will probably end up as engineers.
In the new year I may cave in and order the True North TP7s and some cavalry, but lets see how the army fights on the table first. Tally ho!


Anonymous said...

Looking good Steve. The pan scourer shrubbery works pretty well.


meadows boy said...

Wow! Fantastic

I have a load of Battlefront Russians I should really paint!

WABit said...

Good to have you back Steve :o)