Wednesday, 12 December 2007


Some more catching up...

Here are the rebased Austrian cavalry units that I have completed to date. Firt up are Uhlans, then two units of hussars and two of curassiers. These are followed by two command bases, one cavalry and one divisional/korps command for the infantry. Lastly come three batteries of artillery (two of foot artiller on a 40mm frontage and one of cavalry artillery on a 30mm frontage). I use the frontage distinction to make it easier to tell which batteries are which and will do the same for the French, i.e. foot on 40mm, horse on 30mm.

I have Austrian grenadiers on the table at the moment. One base is all glued up and textured, I have almost finished painting the infantry for the next - all as "german" grenadiers, and will start on a base of hungarian grenadiers next. This will give me a division of grenadiers to join the cuirassier units in the army reserve.

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