Wednesday, 5 December 2007


I dunno, you wait months then you get two new posts!
Here are some 40K things that I have been toying with over the last few months. I don't really enjoy 40K but am tempted to do some skirmishy-type games with it, or adapt Lord of the Rings to include heavy bolters. Mainly I just like painting a few of the figures without feeling I have to churn out a whole army.
The space marines have been painted in a "Sharpe and Harper" of the 95th stylee and have deathwatch bits an pieces added on, whereas the Kasrkin stormtuppen have more of a WW2 vibe. The bases all need finishing and the stormtroopers antennae and weaponry need finishing. I'm not too sure about the wood and brass effect.
These are also my first attempt at "proper" non-metallic-metal. The stormtrooper sarge looks better on the photo than in the flesh - in fact the sword in the photo looks pretty good I think. The space marines are less convincing but it gives a nice comic-book look. The commanders bionic arm does have a final glaze with silver though, as do the metal shoulder pads.

1. Riflemarine Harris

2. Chapter Sergeant Major Harper

3. Marine Captain Sharpe

4. Sgt Hassle and da boyz


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