Sunday, 17 June 2007

Napoleonics in 6mm

Hurrah, finally got round to taking some noew photos! Here is the start of my Napoleonic French army for Polemos, using Baccus figures, aiming mainly at the 1809 Danube campaign. The first two photos are of carabiniers and cuirassiers of Nansouty's heavy cavalry division

Then comes Pire's light cavalry brigade

...and finally the start of an infantry corps. The artillery are on a 40mm x 30mm base, a little larger than the 30mm square in the rules, but I think it looks better so I am going with 40mm frontage for foot artillery and 30mm for horse artillery

On the table next are another 3 bases worth of french infantry and I have to finish the basing on a second brigade of light cavalry. The aim for the first phase is to get 9 bases of line infantry, 3 of legere (light infantry), a couple of artillery bases, the cavalry I have already completed, a bavarian infantry division and some bavarian cavalry finished. Then I'll think about the Austrians :-)


Dave said...

Why tis even smaller than the devil's scale!

Looks good though 8-)

Anonymous said...

Excellent basing style...and thats the key in 6mm!Great painting too.


Bill T said...

You still there Steve??

Anonymous said...

Sorry to rain on your parade, but the French Carabinier Regiments were not armoured until 1810, on the recommendation of Gen Nansouty following the experience of the 1809 campaign (presumably their casualties were much higher than the Cuirassiers in the same division..

They look great though!


Steve said...

Yes Redcoat, I know. However I prefer mine to be armoured and as it is my army I'm happy to take a few liberties.