Friday, 1 June 2007


Just a catch up on the crusader progress...

First photo today shows the latest maounted figures to be finished. The blue & white chap will be the leader of a unit of similarly coloured knights, with the intention of this representing a conrois of cavalry belonging to a single household, in the same way as the first unit of knights I painted does. The other figure is likely to form part of a unit of secular knights with varied colour schemes. No weapons yet as I haven't decided what I want. The second guy (yellow & green) might end up as a standard bearer.

The second photo shows the beginning of my first foot unit, colour scheme based on the kingdom of Jurusalem forces from "Kingdom of Heaven". These are Gripping Beast figures from a unit pack of El-Cid armoured spearmen. The right-hand figure has had his round shield swapped for a heater-shaped one. This will happen to more figures in the unit to help them look more 3rd-Crusade-ish and less Norman/El-Cid. The cast on shields are total bum to remove, but the effort is worth it I think.
Hopefully the firt four will turn out OK. I'm giving up painting whole units at once. I find that 1-2 mounted or up to 4 foot is plenty to cope with at once if I want to maintain the quality of the paintwork.


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