Sunday, 29 April 2007

Crusaders II

More crusaders finished today and the first unit is already half-way done. I'm dead chuffed with these as they are that happy coincidence of nice sculpts and a colour scheme that brings out the detail but remains subtle. I think this is because the colours are quite washed-out. It will be interesting to see if I can get a similar effect when I get round to Templars or Hospitillars.
I experimented with making the pennants out of wet-wipes (don't ask). This works well if you want a really rough, woollen looking effect. I quite like it, but it is a bit of a bind to paint on. It does give a nice textural contrast to the rest of the figures though, and the folding/flapping looks quite realistic. Another advantage (?) is that being slightly wet, if you use superglue to fix them, it sets almost instantly - need to watch those fingers though!
Off to undercoat the next batch now.


Anonymous said...


Nice boys!

Are we going to see some AWI units on the blog?


Anonymous said...

I love the red/orange colour on those hospitlars how did you get that? what colours did you use?


Steve said...

Reds use the following (dark to light)

Anita's Acrylics:
Burnt Umber
Raspberry + Burnt Umber
Raspberry + orange